What Mommy Does With Money (with Lena Gott)

What Mommy Does With Money (with Lena Gott)

Often, Mom’s are ground zero for money management in their household. They’re trying to juggle family, making money and, making a dollar stretch as far as it can go. In this episode, we talk about what mommy does with money to make and save money. My guest knows a thing or two about being a Mom and balancing making and saving money. Lena Gott is a CPA turned stay-at-home-mom of three. She is the lady behind the uber-successful blog, What Mommy Does, and her courses at Adventures in Blogging help other Moms make money from home blogging. Today’s game had to be one of my favorites. Lena and I had a blast playing “What Would Mommy Do?”

What Mommy Does With Money Episode Details

  • Money-saving tips for moms
  • The ways families can better manage money
  • Money management tools
  • How to manage money that works for you
  • How moms can make extra money
  • Advice for starting a money-making blog
  • Mistakes to avoid when starting a blog

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