Using Short-Term Rentals to Make Money

Home buying and renting homes come with the territory in the military. Frequent moves lead many of us to buy or rent out of necessity, not because it’s our first choice. But how can you turn that lack of control into a way to make money? In this episode, Army veteran Joe Riley shares how you can use short-term house rentals to make money during and after your military career. Joe and his wife are the founders of Patriot Family Homes. They started short-term rentals in 2017 when they listed their home near Fort Benning on Airbnb while Joe deployed to Afghanistan. They quickly realized the need for furnished temporary housing near military bases. So they started saving up, and by the end of 2018, Rachel and Joe had bought 4 Airbnbs. By 2020, the company had grown to 50 homes. That rose again to 100 by 2021, and today Patriot Family Homes has 50 employees and 400 short-term rentals.

Short-Term Rentals to Make Money Episode Details

  • What short-term rentals are
  • How to start buying them
  • How people can use them to make money
  • Why service members might consider making money this way
  • A good time to start
  • The upfront investment
  • What about furniture
  • Common mistakes people make
  • Who shouldn’t get into short-term rentals
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Short-Term Rentals to Make Money Resources

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