Saving for Retirement with IRAs (with Adrienne Ross)

Saving for Retirement with IRAs (with Adrienne Ross)

Saving for retirement is something everyone should be doing. There are different methods to get results for your retirement savings the way you want! One of those methods is with IRAs or Individual Retirement Accounts. This is the second week of Military Saves Month for 2020, and we’re sticking with this week’s theme, Save to Retire. My guest, Adrienne Ross, the founder of Clear Insight Financial Planning, talks about what IRAs are, how they work, and how to get started or improve your retirement savings.

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Saving for Retirement with IRAs Episode Details

  • What are IRAs
  • Why the military community might want to use IRAs
  • How to set up an IRA
  • How much money you can put in an IRA
  • What it means to be tax-advantaged (What to know about the TSP article)
  • IRAs for stay-at-home military spouses
  • When someone should set up an IRA
  • What to do with the money in your IRA
  • Common mistakes people make with IRAs

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