Understanding the Financial Professionals Playing Field (with Andrea Clark)

Understanding the Financial Professionals Playing Field (with Andrea Clark)

You know you need help with money, but who do you get help from? A financial counselor, a financial coach, or a financial planner? That’s what we’re talking about today—the difference between them and how they can help with money. Andrea Clark is a Certified Financial Planner™ and Accredited Financial Counselor®. She is an Air Force spouse of 28 years, a recovering homeschool mom and engineer who has spent the last ten years as a military personal financial counselor. She founded The Table Financial Planning in 2017 to offer virtual services to military families on their financial planning journey.

Understanding the Financial Professionals Playing Field Episode Details

  • Financial planning vs. financial coaching vs. financial counseling
  • How to figure out what type of financial professional you need
  • The common mistakes people make when hiring a financial professional
  • Accesses your current financial situation
  • What’s changed about working with financial advisors
  • The importance of the “gym membership” model
  • Balancing financial priorities
  • What the process of working with a CFP® looks like
  • How investments play into pick a financial professional
  • The ways financial planners are compensated
  • How financial planning recommendations work
  • The power of asking questions

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