Employment vs. Entrepreneurship: Going From Employee to Owner

Earning income is a critical part of building your wealth. For most of us, that is either having a job or starting a business, but what if there is a hybrid way? In this episode, I talk to Kirby Williams about her journey of going from an employee to buying and running the business she worked at. Kirby is the owner of Advantage Publications, an educational publishing company where she was formerly a marketing associate. She has designed and developed custom financial education slide calculators for the Social Security Administration, the FDIC, VOYA, CalPERS, the CFPB, and others. In 2018 she created The Match Booster, based on the Blended Retirement System that is used in financial readiness education by Fleet and Family Support Centers, Army Community Service, and the US Coast Guard PFMP.

Employee to Owner Episode Details

  • Kirby’s entrepreneurship aspirations
  • How to go from employee to owner
  • How to start a discussion with your boss
  • The biggest challenges faced
  • How the owner’s role of the company differs from an employee
  • The benefits of being the boss
  • Take risks as the new owner
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Employee to Owner Resources

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