Military Spouse Skills You Can Use to Get Paid

Military spouses face career challenges at every turn impacting their ability to make money and build their earning power. There’s a lot of career pivoting involved for milspouses but what if you already have a skillset that can help you make money no matter where the military sends you.

In this episode, military spouse Molly Rose Speed shares skills military spouses can leverage to make money, how to translate them into getting paid, and how to know your worth and set prices.  Molly Rose is an expert in creating what everyone wants more of — time freedom. She is the creator of Virtual Assistant Academy and the Founder of Virtual Assistant Management, which provides trusted VA certification and placement in the online market.

Molly Rose is an awarded military spouse and solo world traveler who believes in creating a business and a life that allows you to do more of what you love.

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Military Spouse Paying Skills Episode Details

  • Skills military spouses can use to make money
  • The work those skills translate to
  • Tips for taking what you know and best translating it to be able to make money
  • If it’s better to try to market your skills on your own or work for an agency
  • How to build confidence to get rid of imposter syndrome
  • Advice for knowing your worth
  • Tips for setting prices
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