Starting a Non-Profit After Military Service

Starting a Non-Profit After Military Service

Starting a non-profit after military service is an option some aren’t aware of. Creating your own non-profit to do the work you love and to help others is an opportunity you can take if you prepare. My guest, Mike Steadman, the Founder & CEO of IRONBOUND Boxing & Education did just that. Mike, a three-time National Collegiate Boxing Champion from the United States Naval Academy and Marine Corps Infantry Officer, started a nonprofit organization based in Newark, NJ that provides free amateur boxing training, entrepreneur education, and employment opportunities for Newark youth & young adults. Mike shares his story of getting started in boxing, the steps he took to start a non-profit, and tips to help you start a nonprofit and mistakes to avoid.

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Non-Profit After Military Service Details

  • How Mike got his boxing start
  • What is Ironbound Boxing?
  • The possibilities for entrepreneurship
  • Enjoying the journey as an entrepreneur
  • Going from boxing to business
  • Steps to start a non-profit after military service
  • Mistakes you can avoid
  • The value of a business coach
  • The importance of validating your business idea
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Non-Profit After Military Service Resources

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If you want to “kickstart” your finances in the military, you can get access to my free Financial Kickstart Kit here. Starting a non profit after military service is a great career path for veterans. Here's how to get started and mistakes to avoid.