The Money Fundamentals for Moms to Know

The Money Fundamentals for Moms to Know

Many military spouses head up the finances for their households. The frequent moves and deployments make it easier for the military spouses and often military wives to be the money point person whether you have experience or confidence to manage money or not. Catherine Alford is the author of the book Mom’s Got Money: A millennial mom’s guide to managing money like a boss. She’s a nationally recognized financial educator who started her business with a $10 domain name and grew it into a multifaceted, six-figure digital media company. Cat shares what every Mom should know about money, how to educate yourself on money fundamentals, and the importance of calculating your net worth.

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Money Fundamentals for Moms to Know Details

  • The inspiration behind Cat’s book
  • Fundamentals for moms getting into finance
  • The importance of knowing your net worth
  • Impact of your mindset on personal finance
  • Making the decision of staying at home vs. paying for child care
  • Common mistakes that moms make when it comes to money
  • Where to start with your financial education
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Money Fundamentals for Moms Resources

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Many military spouses head up the finances for their households. Here's the money fundamentals for moms to know.