Make Money as a Virtual Assistant

Make Money as a Virtual Assistant

Not everyone is content to live off of service member’s pay alone. Military spouses want to make money and many service members want to make additional income. People want a better quality of life and are willing to do the work to make more money but how do you do it? A growing path to earn money anywhere, anytime is by becoming a virtual assistant or a VA. Mary Elaine Baker knows how to make lots of money as a VA. She’s the Co-Founder of VAUSA with her husband, Brett. Mary Elaine is a former military spouse that previously worked full-time as an elementary school teacher while her husband was deployed. After struggling for so many years to balance competing demands, Mary Elaine longed for a better work-life balance and a way to be more present for her children. She discovered the ability to work remotely helped her to succeed in other areas of life. It didn’t take long for Mary Elaine and her husband to realize how this new career was ideal for military families and the idea for VAUSA was born. Mary Elaine and I talk about how she got started, how VAUSA can help military spouses become VAs, and what you need to know about the work before you jump it.

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Make Money as a Virtual Assistant Details

  • What virtual assistant work looks like
  • Examples of tasks a VA completes for clients
  • Soft skills that military spouses have to offer as a VA
  • How VAUSA works and supports both clients and VAs
  • Importance of setting boundaries as a VA
  • Tools of the trade (and how they can help)
  • Flexibility for VAs to make their own hours and workload
  • Opportunity for growth as a VA
  • Support that VAUSA offers VAs as they go through military life events
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Resources to Make Money as a Virtual Assistant

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