5 Steps to Save in the Military

5 Steps to Save in the Military

What are steps to save in the military that you can take right now? Saving money is the foundation of financial success. Having money set aside for emergencies and opportunities is essential in your money management tool belt. Lila Quintiliani is here to talk about all things money-saving in the military community. Lila is an Active Duty Army spouse, veteran, mom of two, and the Military Saves Senior Program Manager. Previously she worked as a Personal Financial Counselor on military installations worldwide and as a contracted subject matter expert for content for the Department of Defense’s Office of Financial Readiness. Lila and I discuss the power of saving automatically and for the unexpected. We also discuss the themes of Military Saves Month and the resources and tools the program has to help you save money all year long. We also talk about teaching kids about money, letting them make money mistakes early, and the importance of communication.

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The Steps to Save in the Military Details

  • The 2021 Military Saves Program
  • The Military Saves pledge and focus of Military Saves Month
  • Weekly themes of Military Saves Month
  • The importance of including your family in money conversations
  • Examples of automatic savings and how to get started
  • How to create an emergency fund to fit your needs
  • The options available to military members for aid and relief
  • Confidential assistance is available to military members
  • Saving for retirement is also important for spouses
  • The importance of saving for the unexpected events
  • The invisible costs of financial stress & getting out of the debt cycle
  • Getting your children involved in the process
  • Be honest about money when teaching your children
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Steps to Save in the Military Resources

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