How Milpreneurs Can Make Money Selling Products and Services

How Military Spouses Can Make Money Selling Products and Services

Service members, military spouses, and veterans can make money selling products and services online. But how do you get set up to selling in a way that’s PCS-proof? Entrepreneurship in the military community has been kicked into high speed. After decades of struggling with un and underemployment, military spouses are taking control of their careers and earning power by becoming entrepreneurs. I know because this is what I did. I started my business because I was sick of my career being at the mercy of another move. As a business owner who coaches business owners, I know many new entrepreneurs don’t understand that when you start a business, you’re going into sales. Yes, to make money you need to sell your goods or services. The question is, where do you sell your services? My guest Monica Fullerton is here to provide a resource to help military spouses and veterans sell their goods and services to make money. Monica is an Air Force spouse, twin mom, and founder of Spouse-ly! Spouse-ly is an online marketplace for military spouses, service members, and veterans. She’s currently stationed in Las Vegas, NV, and just quit her full-time job in the corporate world to focus on growing Spouse-ly. Monica and I talk about what Spouse-ly is and how it can help military business owners thrive.

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Make Money Selling Products and Services Details

  • Monica’s background and motivation to become an entrepreneur
  • The mission of Spouse-ly
  • Nontraditional options for military spouses to earn money that fit the military lifestyle
  • Challenges that you must overcome while growing your business
  • Examples of unique products and services available on Spouse-ly
  • The story behind the name Spouse-ly
  • Words of wisdom for those looking to start their own business
  • Funding your startup and financial considerations of being an entrepreneur
  • Don’t be afraid to show the authenticity of your business
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Make Money Selling Products and Services Resources

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