Financial Triage: How to Rescue Yourself From Debt

Financial Triage: How to Rescue Yourself From Debt

Financial triage is something more people should do with their money. If we aren’t mindful of them, finances can get us frazzled! If somethings off with your money, you probably already know it. You know you have to do something but what is that something? Where do you start? My guest, Eric Brotman is here to help us know where to go first with a little financial triage. Eric is a CFP with over 27 years of experience and the CEO of BFG Financial Advisors. He believes financial literacy is the key to well-being. He’s a personal finance author and the host of the Don’t Retire…Graduate! podcast. Eric’s approachable and actionable financial advice has been featured in the Wall Street Journal,, and Yahoo! Finance to name a few. Eric shares his advice on doing financial triage to work on your financial well-being, retirement, debt, and more. He also shares steps you can take to gain control of your debt and strategies to build wealth and work towards the retirement you want.

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Financial Triage Episode Details

  • The basics of financial literacy and why it is important
  • Best practices for getting started with financial education
  • The challenges of money and relationships
  • The changing definition of retirement
  • Focusing on what you want, not what you’re told retirement is
  • Financial literacy evolves throughout your life
  • Work does not have to be all-consuming
  • Financial literacy is part of all major life decisions
  • Know what questions to ask when choosing an advisor
  • Share your plan with your family and make sure they understand their responsibilities
  • How to start combating debt and create a strategy
  • Risk management planning and having an emergency/ opportunity fund
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