Scout Out Your PCS (with Kellie Artis)

Scout Out Your PCS (with Kellie Artis)

Moving is the way the military rolls. It’s part of the job and we all know it. But sometimes it sucks. Picking up your life and family to move to not only a new city but an entirely different state or country is a lot. It will test your marriage, parenting, and packing skills all at once. The good news is, there’s help out there to make the experience a little more enjoyable. And even better, there’s now some free PCS help. In this show, my guest is a fellow military spouse and MFAN board member. Kellie Artis is the COO of MILLIE, a resource, and service to help the military community through their entire PCS journey.

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Scout Out Your PCS Episode Details

  • Kellie’s craziest PCS stories
  • What is Millie and how they help the military community PCS
  • What Agent Hero Realty is and how it applies to Millie
  • What a Millie Scout is
  • Mini-Game: What Millie Scouts will really do
  • Millie Scout duties they can help you with
  • Let’s PCS Together
  • How Lowe’s Home Improvement is helping
  • How to get paid to be a Millie Scout
  • How to hire a Millie Scout

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