Military Financial Perks and Travel Benefits

One of the major perks of serving in the military is the opportunity to travel and experience different parts of the world. However, deployments and assignments often determine the destinations rather than personal travel bucket lists. But that doesn’t mean you can’t explore the places you’ve always dreamed of visiting, and even better, you can do so while saving money thanks to the many financial and travel benefits that come with military service.
In this episode, Chelsey Thomas, a military spouse and founder of Camouflage Perks. She shares valuable insights on maximizing travel benefits and perks for military families. With a wealth of firsthand experience, Chelsey has used points and other military travel programs to visit seven countries and countless states across the U.S.
Chelsey walks us through the lesser-known financial perks and travel benefits available to active-duty service members, veterans, and their families. From discounted lodging and airfare to free cruise opportunities, she’ll reveal strategies for making the most of your hard-earned military benefits while exploring the world.

In the Episode: Military Financial Perks and Travel Benefits

  • Military members, veterans, and their families have access to various travel perks and benefits that can help them save money on travel expenses.
  • Travel hacking involves using points and perks from credit cards to pay for travel costs. Some credit card companies waive annual fees for military families, allowing them to access valuable travel benefits without paying the fees.
  • Hotels like Hilton offer discounts and point bonuses for military members and veterans, including a program that provides 100,000 Hilton points to veterans to use for job-seeking travel.
  • There are opportunities for free cruises through partnerships with companies like Margaritaville at Sea and casinos in Atlantic City that provide complimentary cruises for veterans and their spouses.
  • A free stay in the Bahamas is available through Caesars Palace for veterans who obtain a veteran’s card from the casino.
  • Planning and budgeting are crucial when taking advantage of these travel perks to ensure that any associated costs do not outweigh the benefits.
  • Active-duty members should prioritize using certain perks before separating or retiring when they may no longer have access to them.
  • Resources like credit card points can also be used to pay off debt or other financial goals before traveling.

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