Improving the Quality of Life for Service Members

More than ever before, quality of life for service members, veterans, and their families is a priority for military leaders. One of the top factors that can make or break the quality of life for members of our community is their financial situation.

In this episode, the former Sergeant Major of the Army, Tony Grinston, is here to talk about the latest resources available through Army Emergency Relief (AER) to help improve service members’ and their families’ quality of life.

Guest: Tony Grinston

Tony became the Chief Executive Officer of Army Emergency Relief on Jan. 2, 2024, after serving in the U.S. Army for 36 years. A native of Jasper, Alabama, Tony enlisted in the Army in October 1987. He was stationed throughout the United States and Europe during his career, and his deployments included seven tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo. As the 16th Sergeant Major of the Army, he was a staunch advocate for improving Servicemember quality of life, including housing and suicide prevention. Tony served on the boards of the Army & Air Force Exchange Services and the Defense Commissary Agency for four years. Tony also sat on AER’s Board of Managers for seven years prior to his retirement from the Army.

Quality of Life for Service Members: What’s in This Episode?

  • The little-known partnership between AER and the Army that helps fund emergency relief
  • How AER grants and loans helped rebuild after devastating tornadoes
  • The 30 categories of assistance AER offers beyond just housing and car repairs
  • Why Grinston wishes more soldiers would take financial readiness classes
  • How asking direct questions can spark financial change for service members
  • Grinston’s “no regrets” outlook on his 36-year career and the one hot stock tip he missed
  • The book Grinston says all leaders should read to solve problems more effectively
  • How you can donate directly to AER to support soldiers and families in financial distress

Resources: Quality of Life for Service Members

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