Misconceptions of Military Emergency Relief

Misconceptions of Military Emergency Relief

You all know, I’m a big fan of free financial help. It’s a major benefit service members receive while on active duty and in retirement. It’s also a benefit available to their family members. Just like anything in life, sometimes the information isn’t relayed correctly. In this episode, I talk with Lieutenant General (retired) Raymond V. Mason, the director of Army Emergency Relief, about some of the misconceptions about military aid societies and the resources AER provides. General Mason became the ninth Director of Army Emergency Relief on 1 January 2017. General Mason retired from the United States Army in October 2014, after serving 35 years on active duty, the last 12 as a General Officer. Following retirement, General Mason joined VT Systems in Alexandria, VA, as the Chief Operating Officer. VTS is a US-based company with global commercial and government/military-focused capabilities in Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Ground Systems, and Electronics; including over 5,000 employees and $1.2B in annual revenue. General Mason shares details on the work AER is doing to help service members and their families through financial challenges and helping the soldiers and their families improve their lifelong personal finances skills. Often people think of AER as a place for just loans and grants, but they offer services and resources beyond that, so I’m excited to share this conversation with you.

Misconceptions of Military Emergency Relief Episode Details

  • AER background and basics
  • Who is eligible for AER?
  • Aid for transitioning service members
  • Common services provided by AER
  • Little known service provided
  • Financial assistance for cranial helmets
  • Military spouses relicensing support
  • How the aid process works
  • Common misconceptions about AER and seeking help
  • How spouses can use AER
  • Ways to support AER

Misconceptions of Military Emergency Relief Resources

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