Simple Steps to Start Saving

Simple Steps to Start Saving

Saving money is something we all need, but how we go about it can look different. We’re all in different stages or places in our lives. Savings for a single-parent service member might look different than dual service members. In this episode, Kia McCallister-Young shares simple steps to start saving money based on your situation. Kia is the Director of America Saves, a campaign managed by the nonprofit Consumer Federation of America that helps others save money, reduce debt, and build wealth. Kia’s professional experience includes founding a successful marketing consulting agency focused on designing timeless communications strategies that clarify messaging and building an ideal community that converts. As an Air Force veteran and former military spouse, Kia has great advice to save money where you’re at in life.

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Simple Steps to Start Saving Episode Details

  • Best ways for spouses to get started in achieving financial stability
  • Tips for Veterans
  • Importance of planning early and doing your own research
  • Balancing the challenges of the military lifestyle and saving
  • Know you are saving for
  • Advice for single parents
  • Being financially confident
  • Mission of America Saves
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Simple Steps to Start Saving Resources

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