Lacey’s Special 100th Episode

Lacey’s Special 100th Episode

I did it, y’all. It’s my 100th episode! In the podcast world, hitting your 100th episode is a milestone and a rite of passage. So it’s a big day for me.  Helping me celebrate this special occasion is Steve Stewart, my podcast editor extraordinaire! Steve looks back with me on how far I’ve come, what it’s like behind the scenes of my show, and some tips for anyone else thinking of starting a podcast. I also get Steve to admit who his favorite client is.  Then since it’s my 100th episode I’m doing a little variety show. I’ve asked some of my financial friends to share their best money tips in honor of my big podcast day. 

Thank You!

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100th Episode Details

  • Who Steve’s favorite client really is
  • Why I really hired Steve
  • What my editor does
  • What Steve thinks is awesome about the Military Money Show
  • What my podcast looks like behind the scenes
  • How people can get started in podcasting
  • Things you should do and things you should avoid in podcasting
  • Why niche is important
Thank you to all of my special guests for my special show! I appreciate the time they all took to share their tips. More on success: How to Brand Yourself for Success

Lacey’s Special 100th Episode Resources

More resources: Budgeting & Money Management Basics

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