Investing Mistakes People Make & How You Can Avoid Them

Investing Mistakes People Make & How You Can Avoid Them

Investing in your future is crucial. Spending less than you make and putting it towards your retirement will make life way easier later. But you don’t want all the hard work to be wasted or eroded. That’s why it’s important to avoid mistakes along the way. Jeff Wright is a managing director and portfolio manager responsible for wealth management to NovaPoint Capital’s high-net-worth clients. Before joining NovaPoint, Jeff was a Vice President in the Private Banking and Investment Group at Merrill Lynch. And he was a Field Artillery Officer in the Army. In this show, Jeff shares some common investing mistakes people make, avoid them and make up for past mistakes.

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Investing Mistakes People Make Episode Details

  • Common mistakes people make when it comes to investing
  • How to avoid mistakes in investing
  • What to do if you’ve made investing mistakes
  • Why you shouldn’t make emotional decisions
  • What you should know about fees
  • Understanding how your fees are used
  • What you should know about risk tolerance
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