How to Use Credit Card Rewards Wisely for Big Benefits

How to Use Credit Card Rewards Wisely for Big Benefits

Credit cards make me nervous. Not using a credit card responsibly can get you in all kinds of financial trouble. But if you’re responsible and plan properly, there are some big benefits that some credit cards can provide you with rewards. Spencer from MoneyManual and I talk about ways you can use credits cards wisely to receive points and rewards that can give you major financial benefits. Spencer serves as an active duty Air Force officer in Hawaii. He’s investing for financial independence by age 40. His site MilitaryMoneyManual .com shows service members how to travel hack with annual fee waived credit cards and maximize their military benefits. He shares how to plan and how to get the most out of your credit cards. And also shares who should not be using credit cards for rewards. Here’s how to use credit card rewards wisely for big benefits.

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How to Use Credit Card Rewards Wisely Episode Details

  • Why you might find benefit in using credit card rewards?
  • What credit card rewards are
  • How to get credit card fees waived
  • Whether or veterans or retirees can get fees waived
  • Best practices for managing your credit cards
  • Who credit card rewards are not for
  • Why you have to pay off your monthly balance
  • The impacts of using multiple credit cards on your credit
  • The Military Travel Hacking Course for Beginners Course
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How to Use Credit Card Rewards Wisely Resources

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