How to Plan Your Payroll Tax Deferral Money

How to Plan Your Payroll Tax Deferral Money

By now you probably have heard that the military will not have their social security-FICA taxes withheld for the rest of 2020. While you may have heard about it, you may not know what to do about it. To get everyone up to speed quickly, I’ve invited Kate Horrell from and Daniel Kopp from Wise Stewardship Financial Planning to break down what the tax deferral is and how you can best manage the money for your current situation. It’s always fun to have Daniel and Kate on the show. Because we’re friends I decided to put that friendship to the test in Game Time. Listen to hear who knows me best, Daniel or Kate.

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Payroll Tax Deferral Money Episode Details

  • What the payroll tax deferral is
  • The percentage of the money you’ll have extra each month
  • How the military payroll tax deferral relates to the CARES Act
  • Why the military should care about the tax deferral
  • The impacts of it in 2021 (it’s a deferral, not forgiveness)
  • What you should do with the additional money
  • Where to get professional financial help
  • The answer to if you can increase your “withholdings”
  • What happens when you leave the military
  • What happens if you get promoted
  • How a pay raise can impact the tax deferral repayment
  • Why you should be tracking your military pay
  • How to track your money during this time
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DFAS Military Fact Sheet

How to Plan Your Payroll Tax Deferral Resources

More resources: How to Read a Military LES (and Understand it)

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