Going Above and Beyond in Creating Your Career

Going Above and Beyond in Creating Your Career

Careers paths aren’t always straight and easy to navigate. In fact, for many veterans and military spouses, they’re almost always filled with curves or are ones you have to carve along the way. That’s the case for my guest, Alex Hopkin. Alex Hopkin, is an Accredited Financial Counselor®, Certified Financial Planner®, and is the founder of Simply Paraplanner, a job board website connecting financial planning firms with virtual hires across the country. Alex is on a mission to improve employment within the financial services industry, guiding financial planning firms to make smarter, more profitable hiring decisions, and providing individuals with the tools necessary to create the work environment that fits their lifestyle. Alex will be the opening keynote speaker at the first-ever MilMoneyCon April 21-23 in Cary NC. I can’t wait for her to share her message with fellow military financial professionals. In this episode, Alex shares how she got her start as a financial professional, and the impacts being a military spouse had on her career. She also shares a little sneak peek into her keynote speech next month.

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Going Above and Beyond in Creating Your Career Episode Details

  • Alex’s start in finance
  • Opportunities virtual employment
  • How she shifted into entrepreneurship
  • Why she started Simply Paraplanner
  • Role of a Paraplanner
  • How to get started as a paraplanner
  • Alex at MilMoneyCon22 sneak peak
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