Tax Deductions for Military Families

Tax Deductions for Military Families

Tax deductions are probably on your mind. You want as many as you can get but which ones can you take. And what deductions should military families know about? In this episode, I talk with military spouse, Sarah Bumgardner, the Member Benefits Coordinator with AAFMAA. We talk about tax deductions and ways military families can be prepared with their taxes. Sarah previously served AAFMAA as a Senior Veterans Affairs Coordinator, SpouseLink ambassador, and as a Relationship Manager for AAFMAA Wealth Management and Trust.


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Tax Deductions for Military Families Episode Details

  • What is a deduction
  • Military specific deductions
  • Importance of understanding your pay and benefits
  • Common mistakes with deductions
  • Places to get help
  • Make tax time a financial check up
  • Taking advantage of TSP tax advantages
  • Prepping throughout the year
  • Details on PCS deduction
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Tax Deductions for Military Families Resources

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