Understanding Your Salary and Benefits (with Matt Miner)

Understanding Your Salary and Benefits (with Matt Miner)

The amount you get paid and the benefits you receive as an employee are the foundation of your income. Negotiating the best possible salary and understanding and fully utilizing your employee benefits can have a significant impact on your finances.  Matt Miner is back today for part two of my back to basics series. Matt is a fee-only, fiduciary advisor with PLC Wealth Management providing financial planning to families and individuals making super-important life decisions.  Last week Matt kicked off the new year by refreshing us on budgeting and money management in episode 81 In today’s show, Matt is sharing best practices on negotiating salary, understanding your retirement plan plus all of your benefits like HSAs and FSAs. There’s a lot of valuable intel in this show. 

Understanding Your Salary and Benefits Episode Details

  • How to get an interview
  • The impact your employee benefits have on your finances
  • How to negotiate to get the best salary and benefits
  • Why you should pay attention to an employee benefits package 
  • Employer retirement savings (401ks, 403b, TSP)
  • Understanding and paying for healthcare benefits
  • Employer life insurance
  • What is an HSA?
  • What is an FSA?
  • Common mistakes people make with benefits
  • Maintenance plans for your benefits
  • Getting help with your benefits decisions
  • Alternatives for salary in employment negotiations
  • Vision and dental plan benefits

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