Next Level Finance: College Saving and Mortgage Payoff (with Matt Miner)

Next Level Finance: College Saving & Mortgage Payoff (with Matt Miner)

You’ve been spending less money than you make, build up your emergency fund. You’re saving for retirement. Now what? What are the next steps you should take with your money to get to the next level? That’s what today’s show is about.  Matt Miner is back for part three of my back to basics series. Matt is a fee-only, fiduciary advisor with PLC Wealth Management providing financial planning to families and individuals making super-important life decisions.  In part one of the series, Matt and I talked about budgeting and money management basics in episode 81. Last week we talked about salary and benefits in episode 82. This week Matt shares advice on taking your money to the next level by doing things like college saving and mortgage payoff to build a better quality of life. 

College Saving & Mortgage Payoff Episode Details

  • Rules of thumb for savings for your children’s education
  • The ways you can save for higher education
  • Financial impacts of school selection
  • The best 529 plans for saving
  • Alternative education saving methods
  • The differences between education saving accounts and 529 plans
  • How and why to pay off your mortgage
  • How to plan to pay off your mortgage
  • Things to watch out for when paying off your mortgage
  • Improving your quality of life on the cheap
  • Where to save money
  • The importance of reviewing your net worth

Next Level Finance: College Saving & Mortgage Payoff Resources

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