Teaching Money Skills to Your Family and Community

Teaching Money Skills to Your Family and Community

Teaching money skills is something many people can do. That’s what this episode is about, how to teach money skills to your family and community and the resources you can use to do it. My guest today, Rhonda Ashburn shares how military families can teach their children and communities about personal finance, tips to get your family interested in learning personal finance, and how their education curriculum can help. Rhonda is a milspouse who leads the American Financial Services Association Education Foundation (AFSAEF). Their mission is to educate consumers of all ages on personal finance concepts and help them realize the benefits of responsible money management through their free financial literacy education curriculum MoneySKILL. To date, nearly 1.3 million users have enrolled in the program, comprised of 37 different modules.


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Teaching Money Skills Episode Details

  • Mission of the American Financial Services Association Education Foundation
  • The MoneySKILL program
  • Tools for teachers and parents
  • Setting the stage for financial education
  • Using MoneySKILL with adults
  • How to get started with MoneySKILL
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Teaching Money Skills Resources

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