Ways to Keep Your Financial Flexibility

Ways to Keep Your Financial Flexibility

Life is going to happen and when it does, there’s usually a financial ramification for it. When you know challenges and opportunities are going to come up in life, how do you keep your finances flexible enough to adapt to those times? In this episode, my guest, Anne Lester talks about ways you can develop and sustain financial flexibility to keep your spending, saving, and investing on track during those times. Anne is a keynote speaker and moderator that helps Millennials and GenZs save smart and retire happy. Anne spent 20 years as Head of Retirement Solutions for JPMorgan Asset Management. Her media coverage includes CNBC, Bloomberg, WSJ, NYT, and Barron’s which featured Anne on their cover. With AARP, Anne co-founded Aspen Leadership Forum on Retirement Savings to find breakthroughs to the far-reaching problem of inadequate savings.


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Ways to Keep Your Financial Flexibility Details

  • Why financial flexibility is important
  • Defining a financial emergency
  • How financial flexibility can impact your career and retirement goals
  • Separating retirement and emergency savings
  • Tips for handling debt
  • Investing in yourself and increasing your earning potential
  • Why you should start saving early
  • Understanding your insurance benefits and costs
  • How to teach the next generation
  • Planning for successful transitions
  • Tips to get started
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Ways to Keep Your Financial Flexibility Resources

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