What Everyone Should Know About Suicide Prevention (with Garrett Cathcart)

What Everyone Should Know About Suicide Prevention (with Garrett Cathcart)

It’s no secret within the military community that suicide is a problem, especially in the veteran community. Since it’s National Suicide Awareness Month, now is a good time to discuss what everyone should know and do to help with suicide prevention within our military family. I’ve invited Garrett Cathcart, the Executive Director of Mission Roll Call, to have this meaningful discussion. Garrett is a graduate of the United States Military Academy and a combat veteran, having served as a Cavalry Scout with the Army. His and Mission Roll Call’s entire purpose is to give veterans a voice on issues impacting their lives. And one of those big issues is veteran suicide.

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Suicide Prevention Episode Details

  • An understanding of the current state of mental health and suicide in the military
  • The purpose of Mission Roll Call
  • What From My Frontline to Yours is
  • The impacts of COVID on suicide in the military community
  • Steps you can take to help with suicide prevention
  • How connecting with your friends helps
  • Where people can get the help they need
  • Why you shouldn’t “one down” yourself
  • Don’t wait to get help, there’s plenty of help
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Suicide Prevention Resources

Other Suicide Prevention Episode Resources

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