One Income Living For Military Couples

One Income Living For Military Couples

The underemployment and unemployment struggle for military couples is real! Military life makes it challenging for spouses to maintain qualified employment. The roller coaster of having and not having a second income is challenging to your quality of life and mental health. This is why military couples should focus on living off one income while they’re in the service. Living off of one income helps with:
  • Under and Unemployment for Military Spouses
  • Budgeting Consistency
  • Emergency Savings
  • Quality of Life Builder

One Income Living For Military Couples Episode Details

  • Why military couples should live off one income
  • How military families can live with one income
  • Main spending plan
  • Reserve spending plan
  • Goal setting
  • The power of creating a plan (budgeting)
  • Forward-thinking employment
  • Leaving room to pivot in your life and budget

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