Financial Planning Considerations for Guard and Reserve Families

Guard and reserve members face some unique financial and career challenges compared to active duty. And there are many things to consider when deciding to go from active duty to guard or reserve.  In this episode, Certified Financial Planner, Samuel Lewis discusses the financial hurdles guard and reserve members and their families face and provides advice on navigating them. He also discusses things to consider when leaving active duty that can impact your finances and career. Sam is an Air Force veteran who serves as a Senior NCO in the Air National Guard while running his own Fee-Only, Advice-Only RIA. He’s also a husband and a father, which is what ignited his passion for planning smart financial goals. Now he is driven to help others envision their ideal future and then develop a long-term plan to help them get there.

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Guard and Reserve Families Episode Details

  • Unique financial challenges that Guard and Reserve families face
  • How retirement points work
  • What a gray area retiree is
  • Why AGR
  • Employer support
  • Making less money when activated
  • Things to consider before a break in service
  • Tips for keeping your finances straight

Guard and Reserve Families Resources

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