What I Want You to Know For 2021

What I Want You to Know For 2021

Happy New Year everyone! We did it. It’s finally 2021! I can’t believe it. 2020 was a wild and crazy year. It’s definitely one for the books. A book that should probably be titled, “When It All Goes Sideways and Flips Upside Down, and Catches on Fire.” Everyone’s been through a lot. But I’m here to remind you, it’s going to get better. It may not seem like it sometimes but it will. If you’re new to the show, let me pause and be the first to warn you of my annoying positivity. It’s true. I can’t help it. It’s how I roll and this show is going to be full of it. To kick off the new year I’m going to talk about getting in the right mindset for the new year. Some things I think you should be aware of and preparing for this year. Plus resources and tools to help you make this year awesome. And it will all be wrapped up with some positivity and a little kick in the pants.

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What I Want You to Know for 2021 Episode Details

  • Why your mindset is more important now than ever
  • A reminder to be kind to yourself
  • The things that should be on your radar in 2021
  • Resources that can help your finances this year
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What I Want You to Know for 2021 Resources

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