Investing in Your Health

Investing in Your Health

It’s not a secret that the more time you have on your side, the more money you can make. Well to have more time you need your mind and body to go the distance. My guest, David E. Frost is a Navy veteran, NFPT-certified Master Fitness Trainer, a rowing coach, and competitor. Since 2012, he’s been coaching the Baby Boomer generation on how to add longevity and vitality to their years. He specializes in nutrition, endurance, and strength training for people who deal with cancer, MS, and diabetes. Dave’s also the author of, Kaboomer: Thriving and Striving into your 90’s. Utilizing 5 vital questions, Dave’s on a mission to get people to take more steps and fewer pills. Dave shares advice on how to invest in not just your fiscal bank account but also your physical bank account. He also gives me some tips and resources to help us sleep better and invest in our health.

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Investing in Your Health Episode Details

  • Why people should invest in their Physical Bank Portfolio
  • What a Physical Bank Portfolio is
  • What PHYSICAL banking has to do with FISCAL banking
  • How motion can be medicine for healing
  • Eating versus exercise: Hear which one is more important
  • Why people should start building their physical bank portfolio now
  • Why sleep is important to wellness
  • Resources to help you improve your sleep (plus Lacey’s tips)
  • How you can get started today
  • Opportunities to improve health through rowing
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Investing in Your Health Resources

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