Investment Strategy and Your Age

Investment Strategy and Your Age

Investing isn’t one size fits all. There are many factors that play into an investment strategy. Your age is one of them. Jeff Link is an Investment Advisor Representative at Guardian Wealth Advisors, LLC and the founder of the BLUE LINE INVESTING process. He is also the author of Protecting the Pig. Jeff has over 20 years of market experience, with firms like Smith Barney and Legg Mason. Jeff and I talk about investment strategy and your age. He shares his advice on why your age should be considered, mistakes to avoid when it comes to investing for your age, and resources to help.

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Investment Strategy and Your Age Episode Details

  • Why age is important to investment strategy
  • How age isn’t one size fits all
  • Examples of an investment strategy for different ages
  • Timelines for investment strategy
  • Common mistakes people make investing by age
  • Resources people can use
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Investment Strategy and Your Age Resources

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