What Veterans Should Know About Starting a Small Business

What Veterans Should Know About Starting a Small Business

Happy Small Business Week to my fellow veterans. It’s Veteran’s Small Business Week across the country. If you want to start a business, there’s a lot to know beyond your craft or the thing you are selling. Lack of knowledge can hurt your businesses financially. In this episode, Will Scott breaks down the things transition veterans can do to start a small business, how to get money to start your business, resources and tools you can use plus missteps to avoid along the way. Will is the Vice President of Business Solutions at Navy Federal Credit Union. He has over two decades of business solutions expertise from super-regional banks and major metropolitan credit unions across the country.


Support for the Military Money Show is provided by Navy Federal Credit Union. Veteran’s Appreciation Month is underway. At Navy Fed, they aren’t waiting around for a special month to support veterans. They offer resources like “Best Careers After Service” and “Best Cities After Service” all year long. And are a top VA home loan lender. They have a growing community of over 1.7 million veterans like us. To learn more visit NavyFederal.org/veterans.

What Veterans Should Know About Starting a Small Business Details

  • Different levels and needs of small businesses
  • Tips for transitioning veterans looking to start a small business
  • Commons errors that small business owners make
  • What having a business model means
  • Financial prep and planning for the cost of starting a business
  • Will’s advice for startups
  • Importance of bookkeeping and investing in proper accounting
  • Reach out to other professionals for help
  • Banking advice for small business owners
  • Resources for veterans looking to start their own business
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Starting a Small Business Resources

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Lack of knowledge can hurt your businesses financially. Here's what veterans should know about starting a small business to be successful.