Are Store Credit Cards Really a Great Deal?

Are Store Credit Cards Really a Great Deal?

Store credit cards are offered at almost every place you shop nowadays. They can be tempting to sign up for especially if money’s tight but are store credit cards a good idea for your credit and finances? In this episode, I talk with Michelle Lambright Black about whether or not store credit cards are a good deal. Michelle is a leading credit expert, writer, and speaker with nearly two decades of experience in the credit industry. She is an expert in credit and credit scoring, financing, debt elimination, and identity theft. Michelle is featured in print monthly with brands such as FICO, Forbes, Reader’s Digest, LendingTree, Bankrate, and more. You can connect with Michelle on her website,, where she loves showing people how to avoid debt and make good credit work to their advantage. Michelle shares the pros and cons of store credit cards, what you should know before you sign up and how to look for a credit card that’s best for you.


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Store Credit Card Episode Details

  • Why there are so many store cards
  • How store cards are different from traditional cards
  • Pros and cons of the store cards
  • Possible impact on your credit score
  • Steps to finding the right credit card for you
  • Difference between a charge card and a credit card
  • Secured cards or other options if you’re new to credit
  • Credit cards and building your credit
  • Common mistakes when picking a card
  • Being credit smart during the holidays
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Store Credit Card Episode Resources

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Store credit cards are offered at almost every place you shop. Here's what you need to know about store credit cards and your credit.