How to Manage Multiple Businesses Effectively

Starting and running a business takes a lot. There are a lot of things to know and do, which often makes the learning curve steep. But you can use those lessons learned to start more businesses with less stress, time and money.

In this episode, Army veteran and 3x business owner, Adam Bird shares strategies on how to effectively manage and grow multiple businesses.

Adam is a highly accomplished and seasoned entrepreneur, renowned for his exceptional leadership skills and extensive expertise in business across various industries. He is the Founder of Heroes Media Group, HMG Beverage, and Co-founder of JB ADDO Clothiers. By focusing on community heroes and giving back, Adam has established himself as a respected leader, educator, and mentor.

Manage Multiple Businesses Effectively Episode Details


  • Adam’s memory of where he was on 9/11 and the immediate effects on military bases
  • His motivation for becoming an entrepreneur
  • Tips for having effective business partnerships and dealing with conflict
  • The importance of having a written agreement with business partners
  • Hiring team members and interns to delegate tasks and grow your business
  • Staying mentally balanced with self-care like exercise, being outdoors, and hypnotherapy
  • Common mistakes entrepreneurs make like not having a business plan and trying to do everything solo
  • Adam’s advice for starting a second business while running your first one
  • Pivoting between businesses to avoid burnout but still be productive
  • Focusing on your purpose and helping others versus just making money


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