How to Have a Stressless PCS

How to Have a Stressless PCS

A PCS will test your marriage, religion, and your sanity. Moving is a hallmark of military life. It’s in the job description. Active-duty service members can PCS upwards of 10 times during their military career. All that transition can be stressful not only for the service member but for the entire family. How can you better prepare for the moves you know are coming and have a stressless PCS? Christine Carol, better known as C.C. Gallagher, is here to talk about reducing the stress in your PCS. We trade some of our favorite PCS stories and talk about a tool she developed to help others organize and prepare for their next military move—making it easier and less stressful.

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Stressless PCS Episode Details

  • Why the Stressless PCS Kit was created
  • What the Stressless PCS Kit is
  • What makes it stressless
  • The most stressful parts of a PCS
  • Who can use the kit
  • PCS mistakes people can avoid
  • How to better prepare for your PCS
  • Lacey and C.C. share some PCS stories
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Stressless PCS Resources

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