How to Set Goals for 2021

How to Set Goals for 2021

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a roller coaster none of us bought a ticket to ride. Nothing has gone according to plan. I for one can’t wait until the clock strikes midnight on December 31, 2020, and we start fresh with a New Year. Are you setting goals for the New Year? I myself am making big-big plans for 2021. So the next two shows, I’m focusing on how we all can set goals for 2021 and achieve those goals. The first episode on goals starts with my guest Ron Worley. He’s here to help us all start setting goals for 2021 the right way. Ron’s no stranger to overcoming challenges to meet goals. Ron L. Worley, II is a self-made millionaire, professional speaker, successful multi-preneuer, and fellow podcaster. He launched his career as a licensed bail agent 25 years ago and went on to open 11 other businesses, create four successful retail locations, and founded the Worley Way, a definition of bravery, trust, family, and freedom. Ron has ridden on the edge and lost everything along the way. From addiction and homelessness that nearly cost him his life, to arrests and heart failure, he has asked all the wrong questions to find the right answers. Ron is real and talks about real issues in his true story of overcoming multiple hardships. Ron shares his story of overcoming addiction and being in a ditch—twice! Plus he shares advice and resources on how you can set goals to help you find success in 2021.

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How to Set Goals for 2021 Episode Details

  • Ron’s story of setting goals began
  • How Ron found himself in a ditch
  • How people can use goal-setting to create a path to success even when you have obstacles from your past
  • Daily habits you can people to reach goals
  • How to create and track goals
  • What to do when you’re not 100% on what goals to set
  • How to handle setbacks when you are setting your goals
  • What the Worley Way is and how you can use it to set goals
  • What type of goals you can set
  • The importance of people you surround yourself with
  • How couples can approach goal-setting together
  • Ron’s advice for anyone who has a past like his and how they can start over
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How to Set Goals for 2021 Resources

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