How to be Better Prepared for Tax Season

How to be Better Prepared for Tax Season

Tax time comes every year but somehow, most people aren’t ready for it. I guess when you only do something once a year, you get a little rusty. Wouldn’t it be easier if we prepare all year, instead? My guest, Paul Allen, is helping us prepare for tax season all year. Paul retired from the Navy after 24 years of service, eight years as an enlisted nuclear reactor operator, and 16 years as an Intelligence Officer. Following his retirement, Paul continued to serve as a civilian employee of the Army and Coast Guard. Following his passion, Paul opened PIM Tax Services and later, Redeployment Wealth Strategies. He earned enrolled agent status and is a Certified Financial Planner. Paul shares advice and tips on how to create routines to keep your finances in order for tax season. He also talks about the things that need to be on our tax radar and mistakes you want to avoid.

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Get Prepared for Tax Season Details

  • What is an enrolled agent and how they can help
  • What taxes really mean to you
  • Understanding the new W-4 (yes, there’s a new one!)
  • Tips for better preparing for tax time throughout the year
  • Unique tax benefits for military members
  • State taxes can be complicated and will differ
  • Steps to take during the year to prepare for filing your taxes
  • Common mistakes and misconceptions
  • Upcoming changes with the child-tax credit
  • Tips for transitioning service members
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Preparing for Tax Season Resources

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