How to Host a Family Money Meeting

How to Host a Family Money Meeting

Money conversations can be hard to start. It’s a talk that a lot of people would rather avoid. Especially when money’s tight. They can be stressful and lead to fights in a marriage. So you can see why it’s not top of the list for most people. But it’s something that has to be done. Paul Roberts is a Charles Schwab Financial Consultant – Member Relationship Advisor. He is a Certified Financial Planner and a Human Resources Officer in the Army Reserves. He understands the importance of money conversations and legacy planning for the military community. Paul shares advice on how to start money conversations, what needs to be discussed, and how to handle resistance. He also talks about how you can get your gets involved in money discussions.

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How to Host a Family Money Meeting Details

  • Why you need to talk money with family
  • Get kids involved, set the foundation
  • Couples need to coordinate and find a balance
  • Formalize your money conversations and bring in an expert
  • Children and setting up investment accounts
  • Mistakes to avoid and how to address resistance
  • Importance of estate planning
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Family Money Meeting Resources

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