How to Eliminate Debt in the Military

How to Eliminate Debt in the Military

Debt is something that many have but don’t want. It causes financial stress and takes away from your financial freedom. But how do you eliminate debt in the military? Neslie Ethridge understands the stress of debt. He experienced moving every two years with his young military family, racking up debt along the way. He juggled multiple bank accounts, often postdating personal checks to make ends meet. His financial choices caused Neslie and his family to live paycheck-to-paycheck. Relying on credit cards to fill the gaps when unexpected expenses and emergencies came along. Today Neslie lives debt-free and lives off of passive income he has created. He has a passion for helping others with personal finance. He is a Master Financial Coach, accredited through Ramsey Financial Solutions. Neslie shares advice on how you can eliminate debt and the mistakes to avoid along the way.

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Eliminate Debt in the Military Details

  • Recognizing debt as an issue
  • Understanding the cycle of debt
  • The importance of setting financial goals
  • The power of financial education and mentoring
  • How to get started with eliminating debt
  • Tips for making and sticking with a budget
  • Always save, even it is just a small amount
  • Using allotments to put savings on auto
  • Enjoy saving more than spending
  • Once out of debt, reward yourself, find the balance
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How to Eliminate Debt in the Military Resources

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