The Power of Saving with a Plan

The Power of Saving with a Plan

There’s power in planning. Saving with a plan allows you to have control over your money, and it helps you reach your financial goals. Plus, creating and following a plan for your savings is simpler than you think. You can put the level of detail that works best for you. It’s week four of Military Saves Month 2020. This week’s theme is Save with a Plan. My guests are the dynamic duo behind Military Saves. I’m talking with Angela Caban, the director of Military Saves and Lila Quintiliani, the Program Director for Military Saves about saving with a plan. As always, I had a great time talking with Angela and Lila about saving money. They share some great tips and resources to help you create a plan to save money.

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Saving with a Plan Episode Details

  • All about Military Saves Month
  • Why people should save money with purpose
  • Savings plans and marriage (how to make it work)
  • The benefits of having a plan for money in the long term
  • What a plan for saving money looks like
  • Plans aren’t always cookie cutter
  • Plan in a way that works for you and your goals
  • How you might already have one and not know it
  • Should you have more than one type of plan?

Saving with a Plan Resources

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