Why a Mindful Money Plan is Important

Why a Mindful Money Plan is Important

Blindly managing money isn’t a good idea. Being mindful of your money can help you make smart financial choices, reduce stress, and reach your goals. In this episode, I talk with Tyson Koska about why having a mindful financial plan is important, how you can become more mindful and tools and resources to help. Tyson is an Army veteran where he served as a helicopter pilot. He is the founder of OnTrajectory, a personal finance planning tool for individuals and professionals. After separating from the military, Tysons used his GI Bill to pursue his Bachelors and Masters degrees and then spent the next 25 years in software development, working for large corporations in banking and insurance. Now Tyson is bringing easy-to-use and accurate financial modeling to the masses with OnTrajectory. Tyson shares a lot of great advice on the power of being mindful and creating a plan that’s adaptable with software.


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Why a Mindful Money Plan is Important Episode Details

  • Common money mistake made by military members
  • What is mindfulness and how it relates to money
  • Planning and mindfulness
  • The importance of understanding your financial situation
  • A different way to look at budgeting
  • Getting starting with making a plan
  • Tyson’s software
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Why a Mindful Money Plan is Important Resources

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