Know the Effects of the Advanced Child Tax Credit

Know the Effects of the Advanced Child Tax Credit

Taxes can be intimidating. There’s a lot to understand. There are different types of income incomes to consider, different deductions, credits and a whole bunch more. In this episode, we talk about what you should know about the Advance Child Tax Credit. How it’s different from the Child Tax Credit, the impacts of advance payments, what divorced couples should know, and how to plan and get help with your taxes. My guest, Jerry Zeigler is a 20 year US Navy submarine veteran and a military spouse, who has experienced both sides of deployments. Jerry completed his MBA, is an Accredited Financial Counselor®, and an Enrolled Agent. He was a 2010 FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellow. As the owner of JZ Financial management, he provides virtual tax preparation, tax consulting, and financial counseling. Jerry is also a member of the Better Financial Counseling Network. Jerry is a SaverLife Tax Coach who has authored several articles about taxes for them. SaverLife is a non-profit with the mission to create prosperity for working families by helping them save and invest in their futures. They do this by encouragement and gamification. Jerry gives us all a heads up on the advance payments for the Child Tax Credit so we can be prepared.


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Advanced Child Tax Credit Episode Details

  • Child Tax Credit 101
  • What makes this year different
  • Different variables that may impact your refund
  • Important information you need to track
  • Changes to child and dependent care credit
  • How to select a professional tax preparer and possible costs
  • Advice for those who DIY their taxes
  • Tools and resources available to military families
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Advanced Child Tax Credit Resources

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