Military Retirement Calculators, Services, and Resources

Getting ready for a military retirement can feel like a part-time job. There’s a lot to learn and get done years in advance of your final out. Waiting until the last minute to prepare can lead to mistakes, stress, and potentially getting less money than you’re owed in disability.   In this episode, Mark Overberg shares news on the new military medical retirement calculator and resources to help prepare you for retirement. He also busts some divorce and retirement pay myths and breaks down the differences between Combat-Related Special Compensation and Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay. As the Director of Army Retirement Services, Mark is responsible for preparing 30K Soldiers to retire each year and advising and advocating for 1 million Retired Soldiers and 250K surviving spouses plus he runs the Army and Air Force benefits websites and the Soldier for Life website and publishes the Army’s quarterly military retirement planning and post retirement newsletters.

Military Retirement Calculators Episode Details

          • How early you should start retirement planning
          • Using the new military medical retirement calculator to estimate your income
          • Why it’s important to bring your spouse to retirement planning meetings
          • Which retirement compensation is not divisible in divorce
          • Comparison between CRSC and CRDP
          • 20/20/20 spouse benefits explained
          • The rules on DFAS payments to former spouses
          • How to prepare for the shock of first-year retired taxes
          • Using the IRS withholding calculator to avoid a big tax bill
          • Where to access free retirement planning guides and toolkits

Military Retirement Calculators Resources


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