The Impact Our Money Thoughts and Feelings Can Have

Like it or not, money makes you feel a certain way. Do you know what your thoughts and feelings about money are and how they weave into the areas of your life, like relationships and work?

In this episode, Dr. Meghaan Lurtz shares how we can bring awareness to our money thoughts and feelings to reach our financial goals.

Dr. Lurtz, is a writer and Senior Research Associate with Kitces. com, a financial planning blog. She’s a Professor of Practice at Kansas State University, where she teaches courses for the Advanced Financial Planning Certificate Program, and a lecturer at Columbia University, where she teaches Financial Psychology, and an undergraduate adjunct professor through the University of Maryland system in their CFP program. She is also a past president of the Financial Therapy Association, not to mention a military spouse going through an OCONUS PCS when she recorded this episode with me.

Money Thoughts and Feelings Episode Details

          • How our money thoughts and feelings greatly impact our financial decisions and actions
          • The role your money mindset plays in your life and relationships
          • How your upbringing and family history with money shape your current relationship with finances
          • Steps you can take to look into your past experiences for insight
          • Improving your communication about values, habits, and needs
          • Communication styles you can use
          • Why you should set SMART financial goals
          • The unique challenges military families face that destabilize their finances

Money Thoughts and Feelings Resources

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