My Top 10 Business Lessons

My Top 10 Business Lessons

November is Veteran’s Appreciation Month. It’s a whole month to support the veteran community. A special part of this month is veteran business week. In honor of the special week. I want to talk about some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in business in the hope it will help other veterans and military spouses in their entrepreneurship journey. I also reached out to some past Military Money Show guests and asked them all:
  • What is the biggest mistake you’ve made in business that you learned the most from?
  • What is the best decision you’ve ever made in business?
In this episode, I share their responses and my top 10 business lessons.

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The Military Money Show is supported by Navy Federal Credit Union. It’s November which means Veteran’s Appreciation Day is approaching. It’s one day out of the year to support those who are committed to supporting something bigger than themselves. At Navy Fed, every day is Veteran’s Day. They support veterans daily in meaningful ways with resources like their VA Loans Hub, “Best Cities After Service,” and veteran employment assistance partnerships with nonprofits like The Mission Continues. You can learn more at

My Top 10 Business Lessons Episode Details

  • Business lessons from past guests
    • Tyson Koska
    • Kate Horrell
    • Nelson Tressler
    • Josh Bannerman
    • Nick Bradfield
    • Daniel Kopp
  • Managing business and personal finances
  • What to know about your industry
  • When to start
  • The importance of your industry
  • What to stay true to
  • Don’t let this one thing hold you back
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