Knowing What You’re Investing In

Knowing What You’re Investing In

Investing is for the future, but you’re still spending your money. We invest in funds but do you really know what you’re investing in or how it works? When you’re putting money on it, it’s good to know how your dollars are being invested. In this episode, I talk with Julie Cane about how we can better be aware of how we are investing our dollars. Julie is a Navy veteran and the CEO and co-founder of Democracy Investments, a firm focused on promoting democracy and influencing capital flows in financial markets. Her 20+ year background in financial services includes developing market-leading innovations at Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab Advisor Services, SEI Investments, and Autodesk Ventures. Julie began her career as a U.S. Naval Aviator flying the SH-3 Sea King helicopter conducting combat search and rescue training missions and torpedo recovery in San Diego and the Philippines.

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Knowing What You’re Investing In Episode Details

  • What ESG, SRI, and impact investing is
  • The challenge of understanding what is in your ETF or index fund
  • How to get help with impact investing
  • Smalls ways to get started with impact investing
  • ETFs vs. mutual funds
  • Common mistakes when it comes to ETFs
  • Tips to stay current with your investments
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