Steps You Can Take to Achieve Goals

Steps You Can Take to Achieve Goals

We’re getting so close to 2021. Are you ready to start taking action to make your goals reality? Last week I talked with Ron Worley about setting goals. This week, I’m talking with Nelson Tressler about taking action to make your goals happen. Nelson Tressler is the Founder and CEO of IGOTSMARTER, a goal-achievement program created to help people succeed in every aspect of life. Prior to IGOTSMARTER, Nelson was a top real estate agent, completing well over $1 billion in transactions for his clients, and has been named one of Las Vegas’ “Top 40 under 40.” Nelson’s success and life philosophy come from his unique beginnings. Rape, murder, extreme poverty, and the biggest trail ever to hit his small town were just a few things waiting for Nelson upon his birth. The child of a 15-year-old mother, Nelson’s young life started from behind. The oldest of five children and raised in poverty by an abusive stepfather, Nelson turned resourcefulness and tenacity into a life skill. He played college football for St. Francis University and joined the US Air Force on the GI Bill. Nelson not only shares his amazing story and how setting and achieving goals changed his life but he also shares the steps you can take to better achieve your goals in 2021.

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Achieve Goals Episode Details

  • The murder story that began Nelson’s life
  • How people can not just set goals but achieve goals
  • Where to start to achieving goals
  • When you should start taking action on goals
  • When to start the whole process over
  • How to realize your potential
  • The importance of your mindset in achievement
  • Resources and tools to help you achieve goals
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