What You Should Know About Inflation and the 4 Percent Rule

What You Should Know About Inflation and the 4 Percent Rule

We talk a lot about saving for retirement but often not about drawing from all of your retirement savings when it comes time. The 4% rule is important when it comes to withdrawing your retirement savings each year. In this episode, I talk with Rob Berger about what the 4% rule is, how it came about, how it works and the impacts inflation can have on it. Rob is the host of the Financial Freedom Show on YouTube and author of Retire Before Mom and Dad. Through his YouTube channel and blog, robberger.com, he helps folks navigate the world of investing and retirement planning. He is also the founder and former owner of Doughroller.net, an online community for people to improve their finances and build wealth, a founding editor for Forbes Advisor, and in a previous life was a litigation attorney. Rob shares a wealth of knowledge about retirement, the 4% rule, and how it applies to military pensions.

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Inflation and the 4 Percent Rule Episode Details

  • What is inflation and how is it tracked
  • Current situation with inflation
  • What is the 4% rule and where did it come from
  • How it uses “guardrails” with your retirement spending
  • Dynamic spending rules
  • The importance and benefits of flexibility in retirement
  • Stock allocation
  • Don’t forget to account for investment fees
  • The 4% rule and military retirement
  • Annuity vs TSP (what you should know)

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